The Father Monologues (Part 1) – Danny
What happens when a man’s man, hard and fast, breaks open?
‘I’m having this one at home, Danny, and if you want to be there, you’d better sort yourself out and see someone, cos I ain’t going through all that again like we did with Wilamena.’
I says, ‘See someone? See who?’
She says, ‘Well, I don’t mean a bleedin’ turf accountant, do I?’
I says, ‘Yeah well Fanny, maybe I don’t want to be there. Maybe I don’t want to be standing there knee deep in all that muck and filth, listening to you screaming the bleedin’ house down, wondering what nosey Nora next door is thinking. I mean it’s not as if we’re detached, is it?’
She didn’t have an answer for that one.
She watches one “Richard and Judy”, right, and suddenly it’s all “home-births” this, “yoga” that.
I says, ‘Oh yeah, Fanny, and if you’re still on about “natural active childbirth” in a month’s time, I’ll buy me own bleedin’ yoga mat. Alright!?’
  The Father Monologues, Part 1, Danny.
Written and Performed by Jonathan Brown
Directed by Ali Chapman (Festival of Fools).

“Very, very skilled portrayal of the characters and extraordinary experiences of someone being woken up to their potential. Very moving, very funny.” Anthea.

FOUR STARS!  “Everything about the first part of this trilogy of plays about fatherhood – the meagre set, the one-man set up – screams sparse. But as gambler, all-round chav and reluctant father Danny, writer and performer Jonathan Brown thrives on the heightened intimacy.
We see Danny – a kind of Lee Hurst/Rodney trotter hybrid – stumbling around, searching for purpose as he struggles to come to terms with the impending birth of his second child. The regression therapy scenes are particularly impressive, as Danny re-enacts his harrowing birth scene, contorting his body into a foetal mass of flapping arms and legs, It almost feels like you’re having the therapy yourself, and that’s testament to Brown’s authentic and touching portrayal.” Velimir Ilic, The Metro, Bristol, June 4th 2008

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