Create Your Own One Person Show.

EleanorBeach2Elle Dillon Reams in Betsy Wisdom of a Brighton Whore. 


“Jonathan, I cannot thank you enough for unlocking something in me that has been laying stagnant for so long. Your course has enabled me to write my story with confidence.  Your attention to detail allowed me to focus on the characters and what they wanted to say. I was encouraged to write from the heart, no matter how it would come out and that’s just what I did.
Thanks to you, I have now been commissioned not only as an actor but also as a writer. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a story to tell.”
Lorna Gayle 2017 (“Nine Night”) 

“Found this course so helpful, so much fabulous support and input not only from Jonathan but also all the other talented participants. Turned what can be a lonely business into one where I learned much, laughed lots and achieved far more than I hoped. Can’t recommend it enough. If ya thinking about it DO IT!!!” Lianne Campbell, 2016 (“Lessons From Leela”)

“I did Jonathan’s course in 2015…

it was exactly what I needed to spring an idea I’d had for a long time into action.
I needed deadlines to meet and a safe encouraging environment.
I created a show called ‘Delphine’,
I took the show to Brighton and Edinburgh fringes and will soon be performing
it in New York. 
Jonathan gives well balanced guidance influenced from his own experiences.
He offers handy tips and direction but the creation of the show itself is your job
which was perfect for what I needed. Just the right amount
of assistance in a small group environment which was very supportive.” Clare Rebekah Pointing 2015 (“Delphine”)






It (showcase) was a night for me to remember for sure. I’m pinching myself. 
Thank you so much for the course. I couldn’t imagine on that first night that I’d have written a short play (rather than just a scene or two) and pull it off on stage without set, props or anything bar the music. Sarah Hickingbottom (The Woman Who Conceived the Pill, 2017)


About the course:

A 5-week course (London)

Whether it be a monologue / theatre piece, one-person show, stand up, performance poetry, solo improvised theatre, devised or visual theatre, forum theatre, theatrical  memoir or storytelling, this course will help you move from page to stage and beyond, and can help you with:

Writing & re-drafting material (or sourcing a writer / script).
Finding editors & sounding boards ( or adapting a script).
Performance skills & techniques.
Test your material with supportive peers
Working with a Director.
Technical & Backstage considerations.
Booking venues, (inc. Register with “The Fringe”)
Publicity, including….
Designing, Printing, distributing,
Dealing with Press, Media & Social Media, & the Web.
Arranging ticketing, & front of house.
The Premiere
Collecting & Using feedback.

The course will culminate in a scratch* performance of your work in front of an invited audience, and a debrief afterwards.
(*A 15-20 minute snippet of your work)

“Jb’s course was the springboard I needed to take my seed of an idea from a dream to an award-winning solo show. 
Without his forceful nudges, positive support and playful but practical approach, it would not have happened. I’m very grateful.”  Kate Darach, Moontales. 2014/2015.

What we usually do is ask you to work on your material before and between sessions, and work on your performance during sessions. However we can also, if you’re not quite sure of your direction before you come help you with many areas including:

Writing / Devising / editing / getting it on its feet
Performance / directors / tech & backstage
Publicity / Admin / Promotion
Gathering the threads. Putting it together.

“It was on your Create Your Own One Person Show course in 2012 that I first had the courage to stand in front of an audience as Bernard Shaw. (Winner Argus Angel Award 2013, and toured internationally since). I’ll always be grateful that you and your workshop gave me the courage to start and the confidence to go on with (my) show.”Paddy O’Keeffe.

Full course (Cockpit, London) 

5 Thursday eves Dates: 
Thurs 4 Oct – 1 Nov, 6:30PM – 10PM
(showcase 1 Nov)

Venue: The Cockpit, Marylebone, London.
Limited spaces. 6 people maximum.
You need to book in advance to be assured a place.

“I really enjoyed the course,  it gave me the confidence to test a piece of work in progress, something I definitely wouldn’t have done by myself.  The most useful elements of the course were the writing prompt exercises, which I still have and use, and also being able to test extracts of work in a safe and supportive environment which provided critical feedback.” Lucy Bailey. 2012.

More info / ask questions….:
0787 9832857

“Jonathan is a master of blocking – an extremely tricky issue with solo shows where the actor is interacting with people onstage without their being there physically!” Terianne Falcone, “Good Grief” 2015

About Jonathan Brown:
Jonathan has been performing since 2000, writing and performing one-person shows since 2006, and writing, performing & directing plays for casts since 2011, receiving 5 & 4 Star reviews, and awards…






“Initially, when I took part in the course in 2014, I worked on presenting some of the children’s stories I had written and was already using as a storyteller.
Jonathan encouraged me to stretch myself to write and perform something entirely new. He was, of course, right.
I brought along a monologue I had written but had not been confident about performing and with Jonathan’s guidance and the incredibly supportive environment of the group, I was able to develop and perform it. The constructive feedback from Jonathan, the others on my course and from experienced practitioners at our showcase gave me the confidence to complete the piece and it became – ‘Pulling Up The Drawbridge’ my first one man show.
With further support from Jonathan, I was able to perform my show at The Brighton Fringe the following year and have since performed the piece at other venues in Sussex. I’m now writing my next one!” David Stephens, 2014, “Pulling Up The Drawbridge”

Contact Jonathan Brown

Our (last but four) Showcase was 4th April 2017 at The Cockpit, Marylebone, London.
Lorna Gayle: Nine Night. 
Paulette Harris-German: Fashioning a Dream  
Femi Banjo: Mosaic The Man
Kieran Rogers: Crocodile Tears
David Stephens: Orchids 
Terianne Falcone: Good Grief

“It was a night for me to remember for sure. I’m pinching myself. Thank you so much for the course. I couldn’t imagine on that first night that I’d have written a short play (rather than just a scene or two) and pull it off on stage without set, props or anything bar the music.
Thanks again for such a scary-but-wow month”
Sarah H. 2017

“The course was exactly what I was looking for. It pushed me to devise my own piece while teaching me the ins and outs of making a one person show. I had amazing support and really useful feedback and everybody came out with a good base to work from. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Only wish I could have another go!”
Peggy Denimal Nightingale 2014

Contact Jonathan Brown

“The feedback from Jonathan and the participants helped me brush up my audience interaction skills so that I completely rewrote the first scene in a way that was much more friendly and engaging for the audience. His experience in putting on one person shows is extensive and his acting varied and skillfull, which make him an engaging tutor. It was well worth taking part. Jonathan’s course brought together a fascinating range of writers and performers and it was a pleasure to see them develop their ideas and put them on as professional shows.” John Hoggett. 2014. (“Homophobe in the Head”)

“I went on the “Create Your Own One Person Show” course in 2014. Jonathan’s course provided me with a believing audience, willing me to succeed in embodying my vision live on stage. I found it scary, exciting and supportive. Jonathan is a unique performer himself with a wide experience & creative vision. If you have an inkling towards making solo performance, even if your ideas seem a bit elusive and your self belief’s a bit shaky, I’d definitely recommend diving in and having a go. I’m currently working with the material I devised in the course.” Catherine Higgins 2014. “Nance”

“I really got a lot out of the course. Writing and creating your own show where you play all the characters, something I’ve never done before, was a big ask, but the process was facilitated really well and I felt supported and challenged which is necessary – sometimes gently challenged and sometimes not so gently but if we are performers in our own one person show then we are potentially going to receive all sorts so I really appreciated it, even if I squirmed at the time! Hearing the feedback from the scratch night where everyone really loved the story I produced was amazing. If I could do it again, I think I would definitely do more work outside of the course on all the material, so I could concentrate on the performance aspect within the course.” Suzanne Crosby, 2012. 

I can heartily recommend joining Jonathan Brown on his Creating Your One Person Show Course.
The course is well-structured, fun and challenges you in a supportive way to give you the confidence to kick-start the process on making your own work. Since participating in the course, I have gone on to write my own show: Procrastinators Anonymous, and despite occasionally being stuck in the research side of this process(!),
I am excited to be developing this further, with a view to perform it in due course. As a seasoned performer and writer of his own work, not only is Jonathan Brown a fantastic resource himself, it is also great to dive into this creative and challenging process with other performers and like-minded folk.
Miranda Morris. 2015. “Procrastinators Anonymous.”

Past Titles and Blurbs:

Nine Night by Lorna Gayle
Martha is asked to host her best friend’s Nine Night. The past comes back to haunt her as she bumps into some of the guests. Will she be able to contain her tainted memories? Or will grief get the better of her.
A play about grief, friendship and loyalty

Fashioning A Dream by Paulette Harris-German
60s Britain was a harsh and hostile place, but, no match for the sunny disposition of Miss Florence, Can she rise to her calling or will tragedy steal her dream.Paulette

 Miranda Morris: “Procrastinators Anonymous”
Frustrated with her apparent inability to write her one-woman show, Jane joins a support group for people who are perpetual procrastinators and whose lives are permanently put on hold as a result. At these meetings Jane comes face-to-face with different facets of her procrastination and learns why she needs to eat a frog every day so eventually she can climb out of the quagmire of inertia. 2015Lianne Campbell: “And the winner is…” (‘Lessons from Leela’)
With confidence boosted by a fabulous experience in a Karaoke bar, a dancer decides to spread her wings and audition for a dance part in a West End show. A show that requires her to, um, sing. The dance section of the audition complete, she swaggers through to wow the auditioners with her new found “voice skills”. Will she fall or fly!? 2015

Clare Rebekah Pointing: “Delphine” (Working Title) ‘Hello, my name is Delphine, my mum says its french chic but I like it because my favourite animal is a Dolphin’
Delphine is 30 and up until now the possibility of falling in love has only ever existed in her imagination. Now something has happened and Delphine must finally face the joys and difficulties of adult freedom. 2015

Sarah Charsley: “Ghost Sex”:. Having a lot of sex with people who subsequently disappear? What is the obvious explanation? Sarah knows. 2015

Kristina Howell: “Cul-de-sac” Single, childless, and now the sole remaining member of her family, Caitlin feels at a dead end. Following her mother’s funeral, she returns to clear and sell her parents‘ house – the house she grew up in, in the cul-de-sac of her childhood. Here she finds tough memories and troublesome belongings. Overwhelmed by stuff, can she take possession of herself? 2015Terianne Falcone: “My Mother, The Shoe, My Dad and The Motorcycle Accident.” Four true stories from Terianne’s life. Funny and not-so-funny. 2015

Catherine Higgins: “Nance”.
British/Australian Catherine Higgins grew up in the first inland town settled in Australia in 1815. To mark the 200 anniversary of settlement, Higgins travels back on the journey of her ancestors and meets the extraordinary Nance Ferrel on the way. 2014

Kate Darach: “Moon Tales”:
Thirteen tales based on the old names for the full moons, muse on the particular and universal aspects of womanhood. Each chapter is a different character whose story interweaves with the others. From 16th Century Yorkshire to the affluent ‘burbs of Johannesburg, from a middle-aged femme fatale in Hunter’s Moon to a teenage porn star in Milk Moon, these are dark, witty, disturbing and thought-provoking statements of what it is to be a woman, across time and place. “They say we’re creating the problem…a ‘culture of mistrust’. He’ll change his mind when he steps out and gets carjacked, won’t he?” (From Moon Tales) 2014

David Stephens: “Pulling Up The Drawbridge.”
Soup, spiders and fruit – is this what it means to be English? There’s an earthquake coming … Can you feel it? George can and it might shake the land from under his feet. Things ain’t what they used to be. it’s time to wake up and smell the soup, but only Tomato will do.George has had enough of talentless talent shows, antisocial spiders and fruit with too many seeds. The fear of losing what it means to be English has driven him to the edge, literally, and from his cliff-top tent he is going to defend his island against whoever or whatever may be coming. Everyone else was too busy watching telly. 2014

John Hoggett: “Homophobe in the Head” 2014

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