We Dance / Syncopation Dance Class

We Dance / Syncopation Dance 

Dance your Self, Trust your Body. Groove your Spirit.
with Jonathan Brown

Time to move, down, into the maps and landscapes of your body.

This class blends some of the various traditions I’ve been practicing for many years.

I invite you to move, dance, connect with self, body memory, others, the world, and the music.

You will be invited to explore, play with & set your own boundaries.

Absolute beginners welcome
You DON’T need to “know” how to dance.
(pictures are just for fun, not example of expectations )
Whatever your age / experience / flexibility

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Cost:  £13 Flat Rate. First Class = £7. 5-Class Voucher = £55
(Payment: Cash on the door, or in advance via paypal (FRIENDS AND FAMILY) to mail @ jonathan-brown.co.uk)
Venue: The Loft at Little Dippers, Upper Gardner Street, Brighton (Website)
When: 7.30-9.30pm, Every Thursday from 1st Feb 2024 onwards.
You can arrive and start warming up from 7.30pm
Dance from 7.409.20pm..
Doors close (and lock) at 7.40pm but press the buzzer to be allowed in till 7.45pm.
People have asked me to
Describe what I’m offering in We Dance.
Think of it as…. a three-legged stool.
Leg 1Dance: movement, a workout, free and alive, expressive and emotional, release, unfettered & unfurling.
(drawn from 26 yrs as a 5R, & other movement work, practictioner/participant)
Leg 2Community: connection, relationship, seeing and being seen, witnessing, listening, support and being supported, companionship, collaboration, rapport, humanity, (drawn from many years as a community building facilitator/participant).
Leg 3Creativity: playfulness, exploration, innovation, collaboration, dis-covery, un-covering, experimenting, an archeology of the soul. (drawn from 23 years as a theatre maker, performer, practictioner).

“a sublime dance full of delicate intimate moments & more playful gregarious ones. I felt gently, safely guided… also beautiful music.” Giulia

“Thanks for facilitating a wonderfully supportive group!” Evelyn
“It was a wonder, shook out both physical & psychological cobwebs. I feel more ME again!” Ellinor
“I’ve loved every session you do, your vibe & energy… keep on doing what you’re doing ; it’s phenomenal, I love it so much, so grateful that I’ve found you” MC
“That was more than sweet… it was utterly beautiful.” AB
“Thanks for a splendid dance Jonathan.” TS
“What a wonderful evening. Made me very happy! Can’t wait to do it again!” SB
“It was such fun & I think I’m still dancing inside.” KJ
“I had the best time. Can’t wait for the next one.” MC
“What a perfect way to spend a Monday night, loved your gentle guidance & all the beautiful familiar faces.” Sharon
“It was a lot of fun & some wonderful music.” Andy, Lewes
“Thank you for the lovely space that you allowed to be created. It was just what I needed. See you next week.” Nana

“It was great to dance with you all I really needed the space to let it all go Thanks for creating this space so well and making it possible in such a funky free way 😊🤩😎looking forward to come again.” Frances. Lewes.

Images: Lois Greenfield
These lovely images by Lois Greenfield. Buy her book. https://www.loisgreenfield.com/breaking-bounds
alongside her other wonderful books. They make a lovely present.

Please don’t talk once in the dance space.
If you need to talk, please take it outside. Thank you.
Please don’t take pictures during the class.
The dance can be therapeutic, but it is not therapy.
Dance MOVES things in you and can bring things up.
Please take care of Your Self and your boundaries, sit out if you need to, say “no” if you need to, leave if you need to, or come and sit next to JB if you feel to.
You need only bring yourself, warm layers and water.
The only *substances* you’ll need will be water, and the dance.

About me?
I’ve been dancing 5R since 1997 in Brighton, London, Glastonbury, Lewes, Devon, Bath, Bristol, Stroud, Oxford, New York, Frankfurt and between.
I’m Artistic Director of award-winning Something Underground Theatre Co, and have both performed and led various aspects of physical theatre, movement and theatre, in a wide variety of settings since 2004.
I was previously a member of Physical Theatre/Fooling theatre companies The “Festival of Fools” and “Theatre of Now” and I’ve worked with all ages, from 5 yr olds to the wizened elders among us.
I’ve performed dance, physical theatre and theatre on stage and in small scale film projects.

I’m a trained group-work facilitator and mediator, trained in the process of Community Building as described in M. Scott Peck’s book The Different Drum, and was formerly a facilitator with Community Building in Britain, the UK’s cousin organisation to Scott Peck’s FCE (Foundation for Community Encouragement) in the USA.
I’ve spent time with/trained with a variety of teachers, including Rusty Myers (lead facilitator with FCE), Martin Prechtel, M. Scott Peck, Robert Bly, Gary Zukav, the CBIB facilitation team, Jonathan Kay, a wide variety of 5R, and other movement and performance teachers, in the UK and beyond.