Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge

Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge

What makes a man?
What makes a man a good man, or at least one who can…
Contribute to society,
Live a happy life,
Care about his fellow humans and
Enjoy the respect of his community?

How can we help young men and boys find their way through the plethora of messages and influences on their vision of what it is to be a man?

With the rise of figures such as Andrew Tate, these questions have become ever more urgent.

Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge (with Jonathan Brown) offers families support in tackling these issues.

What is Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge?

Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge is a non-judgemental space within which boys and young men can safely explore their emerging manhood, in a format that is fun, interactive, creative, and that honours both their own growth, and the need to clarify and examine developing values.

Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge offers a collection of experiences to boys and young men, enabling them to…

Play… with their own story of being a boy and a man.

Create… new narratives of what a man is.

Talk… about their own journies.

We look at these KEY ZONES of exploration…

  1. Check… the Respect… learning about respect versus fear
  2. Explore… The “Rules” of being a Man: What unspoken codes am I taking in, are they  right for me?
  3. Unpick… Objectification – how do I see others? How do I see myself?
  4. Ask… Am I safe to be around?
  5. Understand... Consent: Hearing No, Speaking No
  6. Wonder… Am I a Control Freak?
  7. Decide… Am I Safe? Risk taking behaviour, Peer Pressure, Machismo
  8. Explore…who do I want to become?
  9. Learn… Reaching Out – asking for help without feeling weak.

How do we deliver?

(i) Activities – We use, above all else, the tool of  narrative.

Boys will…

(ii) Resources – Worksheets, and Access to  free resources and extension activities to deepen the work done.
Tips, links to news items, video clips, articles, Stories, films.


We want the boys that we’ve work with to come away changed and starting to…


Who are we?

Jonathan Brown is Artistic Director of Something Underground.

Jonathan is a trained teacher, former Head of Physics, mediator, and currently group facilitator, holder of men’s spaces, writer, performer and director.
Amongst other experience, Jonathan is trained in facilitation group work, mediation, in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed (Forum Theatre) techniques, the Fool, the Clown, dance, puppetry, theatre. He has held outreach workshops for boys at risk in a professional theatrical setting, is adept at creating innovative programmes, has worked in a wide variety of school and work place settings, including PRU’s, prisons, with excluded boys, boys in care, boys who are missing school through mental illness. He is the long-term holder of the men’s space at the annual Buddhafield Family Retreat and is a multi-award-winning writer and performer. He has spent time with/worked with/been in conversation with/learned from Robert Bly, Martine Prechtel, Jonathan Kay, Gary Zukav, M. Scott Peck, Steve Biddulph and many others. He has spent time at various Men’s Conferences in the USA, Australia and the UK, and has danced and performed in the USA, Germany and across the UK. Jonathan has been on retreats on ancient Native American land, aboriginal land, and within the UK.
Jonathan’s last two plays have looked carefully at gang culture, radicalisation, boys at risk, and grooming. The latter of which is a Bruntwood Prize Longlister. Jonathan has two children and has been a home educator for 16 years. He has  a cat and 2 guinea pigs.
Jonathan has CRB disclosure and will send you a link to this before commencement of the programme.

Jonathan has been partnering / co-leading with other men’s work/theatrical practitioners such as BandofBrothers facilitator Mark Nightingale


Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge is a weekly practice.

We meet for 2 hours every Saturday morning (term times) for 12 weekends.10-12 am

We ask for at least one term’s commitment to help build safety and a sense of belonging and togetherness.

We limit the group to 14 participants to build intimacy.

What is discussed in the The group is confidential.

We meet in Lewes in a lovely space.

We ask boys to arrive punctually. We cannot start until everyone is present.

We invite one parent a week to join us. We ask that this be a male parent, uncle, relative, friend of the family, older brother.

We invite male parents or any parent to also participate (at home) via occasional activity suggestions that we send home to you.


What to do next? If you are interested  in bringing Rites for Boys @ The Men’s Lodge to your son/child, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs and how we can meet them. If you have any questions, get in touch with those too.

We’ll  start this year’s sessions on Saturday 7th October 2023 @ 10am, Lewes.