How to Start a Knife Gang – Schools Packages

This page (in development) will help you and your school decide how you’d like to engage with How to Start a Knife Gang project.

Our main menu includes 5 main options….

  1. Schools affordable Matinees
  2. Snippets performed at your school
  3. Whole play (The Widening Pool) performed at your school
  4. After show discussion.
  5. Workshops at your school… likely available from Nov 2024 onwards

Schools affordable Matinees

There will be two special matinees of How to Start a Knife Gang performed on saturdays in October.

Ticket prices for students will be just £5.

This may be an affordable way to bring a large group to see the play. The auditorium can hold 170 people, so you could bring more than one group)

Snippets performed at your school

Something Underground come and play snippets of “How to Start a Knife Gang” in your school.

This will be a low tech affair, with sound cues, but limited lighting cues. The play is designed to come low tech/low set, so all we need is a large bare space, such as your school hall.

These need to happen in the morning, as the actors need to return to the theatre ready for evening performances.

The play is strong in content, so we recommend for Y10 up, but we can make adapted versions of snippets if you want to explore these issues with KS3 Students.

Our snippets will be priced as follows…

Nick = 20 mins  (with 2 actors) = £300

Cut = 40 mins with 4 actors = £600

Slice =  60 mins ( 6 actors) = £800

Gash = 80 mins (with interval) = £1200

Needs to be a weekday during October.

Needs to be in the London Area. Zones

Outer Zones can be catered for but we need to charge more to get our actors out to you.

Whole play (How to Start a Knife Gang) performed at your school

Whole play as above, but = £1500

After show / after snippets discussion (1 hour)

Rough guide… = £40 per cast member attending. (can be negotiated)

Workshops at your school (available from Nov 2024), with Artistic Dir, writer and actor Jonathan Brown….Please Enquire Here