The Silent Stream (Wisdom of a Brighton Whore – Part 1)

SilentStreamImage2Performed Off-Broadway, New York, USA, Dec 2022

“£5000 to keep silent? Those stupid babyish letters!?
Father has agreed to pay her off.”

George is a king in waiting. Kept to the wings and given no role by his pious, over-controlling father, he turns to a life of hedonism whereupon building borrowing, cavorting, grabbing pussies, paying off women, gambling,  drink and laudanum …all become close to his heart.
Once on the throne…. nothing changes.

Written and Performed by Jonathan Brown

As he moves to his next project, his Brighton Pavilion, he is forced to change the course of a hidden river that runs through the centre of the town. Unbeknownst to him, the ancient river has its allies in the underworld, and George finds himself caught up in adventures, that his father considers unholy, in a bid to find out what wisdom his own unbidden children have to tell him.

George IV, The Prince Regent, was often painted as a two dimensional fool. He may have been a fool, but which of us is not.

Echos down through the ages of the Boris, the Prince Andrew, the Trump of his time?

 “…a must-see ….. his performance is very accomplished, bringing to life the showman for a 21st century audience.  This is a royally good show, created by someone who clearly loves the city of the current and the past in equal parts.”  The Brighton Argus. May 2013.

 “I really enjoyed it tonight. You are a great performer and able to play to the strengths of the script, *making* the twists and turns of character really clear…… clever and funny. Well done! A tour de force of a performance!” Sara Clifford, Playwright 

 “… the captivating vitality of Brown’s multifaceted performance transport us…..presented confidently and honestly.  Vast emotional range is reached  A fantastic insight into the Fringe’s host city;  Brown shines in his convincing depiction of a man who helped birth Brighton and the scandal that makes this city what it is.”  Broadway Baby. May 2013


Large thanks to playwright Sara Clifford, for her script consultancy on “The Silent Stream”.

Special Thanks also to

Technical Manager 2013: Will Eagles

Technical & Venue Managers 2013: Dan Stevens and Chris Pugh

and to

Jody Styles: for Hairdressing 2013

and to

Gladrags, Brighton for wonderful costume hire.

To David Stephens: Tech Operator 2016 & 2019
Hannah Clark: Tech Operator 2017 & 18

Image: Peter Williams


Running time: 75 mins no interval.
Suitability: Adults/14yrs upwards
Minimum Space needed: 4m wide x 3m deep
Strand: Drama/Dark comedy/Theatre
Availability: Please contact us.