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*Children of the Revolution (2022-2024)

*The Spirit of Woodstock (2020-2024)

How to Start a Knife Gang / Young, Gifted and Backstage (in development) 2019 – 2024

Of Our Own Making (2016-2019)

*Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore (2013-2024)

*The Silent Stream (2013-2024)

A Good Jew (2016)

*You Can’t Watch This Play (Again)
(ALSO CALLED: Dying to Meet You / Je Suis / Once Upion a Fool / A fools Guide to Playing / A Fool’s Gotta Do….)

*Iron John (2015-2016)

*The Father Monologues Part 1 (2006-2011)

*Large Print Trash (2006-2019)

*The Father Monologues Part 3 (2006-2011)

*Happy Hour (formerly Licence) (2009-2019)

The Well (2011-2013)

The Last Lunch (2012-2014)

*Smoking Ban (2014)


Lewes Solo Show Festival 2022

Lewes Solo Show Festival 2019

Grow Your Own Solo Show – Showcases 2012-2024

Family Shows:

The Talking Eggs (2015-2017)

Just Will… I am Richmal Crompton! (2018)

A Story, A Story (2018)

The Tale of Prince Lindworm (2019)

How Rabbit Stole The Fire (2019)

Anansi and The Magic Yams (2019)

The Red Shoes (2020)

SUTC-Supported Productions:

Moon Tales

Pulling Up The Drawbridge

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